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Rejuvenate Your Home With Some Simple DIY Tasks

From turning wrenches to nailing down the basics, we’re about to sprinkle some DIY magic on your living space. Say goodbye to boring repairs and hello to a home that’s as vibrant as your personality. Here are our Top 5 Easy DIY Home Maintenance Tips to keep your home looking good and those that live in it happy!

5. Baking Soda is your Carpet’s Best Friend 

Baking soda is a great, simple way to freshen up your carpet from pet stains, spills, and the general ware. Just sprinkle some throughout your carpet, or on a concentrated area, and use a brush or broom to gently spread it and allow it to work into the carpet fibers. Once it’s been sitting on the carpet for 15 to 30 minutes, vacuum the carpet and your carpet will be smelling as good-as-new. 

4. Make Squeaky Hinges Disappear 

Squeaky hinges are one way to make your home less happy, but there are many common, household items that will alleviate that sound in a jiffy. Applying a bit of olive oil, petroleum jelly, and bar soap to the hinges will help restore order to your home once more. 

3. Perform Frequent Checks on Your Smoke Detectors 

While it’s recommended the batteries in your smoke detectors get changed twice a year, monthly checks help to ensure the detectors are up-to-date and functioning properly. By simply pressing the button on each detector and ensuring it beeps or sounds an alarm, your home becomes extra safe from a potentially devastating fire. 

2. Rotate Your Ceiling Fans for Optimal Temps as Weather Changes

In the fall, we recommend ensuring all of the ceiling fans in your home are rotating clockwise. As the fall and winter months progress, that clockwise rotation will help to heat your home and prevent stagnant air. As it begins to get warmer, you’ll want to set your fan counterclockwise. The fan will create a cooling breeze throughout the space. 

1. Kitchen Hack: Use Citrus Peels 

Citrus peels are an amazing, easy way to clear your garbage disposal of any odors and make the rest of your kitchen smell fresh. Just throw in a few peels and run with a little cold water. Lemon peels can also be used to clean microwaves and coffee pots.