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Festivals and Fairs 

Zilke Sunflower Festival is in Milan Michigan from August 8 to the 28. You can spend the day in sunflower fields, it is a beautiful place for picture taking and memory making. Also, the Camero Superfest is coming to Plymouth Michigan August 12-14. The theme this year is “The Z Cars.” If you are interested in food festivals, the Sweetest Heart of Mary Pierogi Festival will be in Detroit Michigan from August 12-14. They celebrate Polish Heritage, with Polish food, dancing, and entertainment. The coast guard festival is also still happening. There is the Parade of Ships on Lake Michigan, carnivals, ship tours and the grand parade. These are just a few of the fairs happening in Michigan this August.



Hanson- Red Green Blue 2022 Concert Tour is in Grand Rapids Michigan on August 9th. It is a pop-rock group that is trying to become big. They perform with high energy and keeps the crowd entertained. Red Hot Chili Peppers is coming to Comerica Park August 14th at 7pm. If you haven’t been to a concert at Comerica Park you are missing out! The Breakaway Music Festival is in Grand Rapids August 19-20. It is their 50th year here, they boost pop, hip-hop and EDM music, with popular groups. There are plenty more music events and concerts coming up!



Shelby Township Art fair is happening August 13-14. There is plenty of free parking and places to enter your art along with enjoying everyone else’s. The Kalamazoo Art Hop is happening in Downtown Kalamazoo on August 5th. Enjoy everyone’s art as you enjoy Kalamazoo scenery. Ludington is also having an Art Fair, August 13-14. The Island Art Fair will be in Grand Ledge Michigan on August 6th. You can take a ride on a riverboat, try new foods and drinks, and buy/make crafts. There are many more Art events coming to Michigan this August.


In Conclusion:

Michigan in the August can be loads of fun. There are so many fun things to do, I just listed a few. Grab a spouse, family member, or friends and enjoy the last bit of summer with one of the opportunities above. You can make a bucket list and check them off as you go, maybe you will find more things through your journeys. If you have been to any of these places, comment below and leave a review of your experience.


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