My name is Mackenzie and I am a General Assistant at Trademark Inspection Services, LLC. I am 14 years old and a Freshman in High School. I help around the office doing things such as sublimation and some design work. In my free time I love to Play volleyball and spend time with my family.

My Work History

Though I am still in school. Ive been working for my dad since we have stared the business in 2008 learning the in’s and out.

What I Do For Trademark Inspection Services, LLC

I’ve been learning and helping on inspections and also in the office, most of the work I do is in the office, but now and then I’ll go on an inspection. I mainly create the folders that you get on your inspections and I help create new marketing ideas to get our name out there. Trademark has taught me what it is like to have a job and so much responsibility.

Why I Love Working At Trademark Inspection Services, LLC

I love working at Trademark Inspection Services, LLC because it lets me spend more time with my family.

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