My name is Mackenzie and I am a General Assistant at Trademark Inspection Services, LLC. I am 16 years old and a Junior in High School. I help around the office doing things such as marketing, sublimation, design work, helping out with the Agents data, and really anywhere else they need me to help. In my free time I love to play volleyball and spend time with my family. I have played volleyball for 10+ years and I am playing on varsity  for my high school as well as 17 Blue for my club. I am working toward going to collage and possibly play volleyball in collage.

My Work History

Though I am still in school. Ive been working for my Dad Matt Cottenham as the General Assistant since we have stared the business in 2008 learning the in’s and out of the business. I have shadowed inspections, but my main job is marketing and general office work. I help a lot with my school, I am on National Honors Society and I am a patriots relate mentor. I also have been captain of many volleyball teams.

What I Do For Trademark Inspection Services, LLC

I’ve been learning and helping on inspections and also in the office, most of the work I do is in the office, but now and then I’ll go on an inspection. I focus on marketing and I am always lookign for ways to expand our company. I also do maintenance around the office and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Why I Love Working At Trademark Inspection Services, LLC

I love working at Trademark Inspection Services, LLC as their General Assistant, because I love the family feeling. It is a place where I feel I always have help. Being so young, I struggle quite a bit, but I am never scared to ask for help because I know that everyone is happy to help me.

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