My name is Joe MacQuarrie and I am a certified home inspector at Trademark Inspection Services, LLC.

My Work History

Shortly after high school I followed a dream I had and that was to join the US Army.  Eventually after a few years I was promoted to Sgt. and led a great group of soldiers in a two year deployment into Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom.  To this day I am still in contact with all of them and cherish the relationships we’ve gained.

Once returning I started my career in the Insurance world, which I continued to do for nearly 20 years.  Looking for a change, I then wanted to start a career in another interest I’ve always had and that was home inspections.  I completed my home inspection certifications and now am loving what I do every day.

What I Do For Trademark Inspection Services, LLC

I’m a Certified Professional Inspector certified through INTERNACHI, which stands for International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  My passion is to help potential home buyers make informed decisions when purchasing a home.  I take pride in doing so.

Why I Love Working At Trademark Inspection Services, LLC

When doing my research for a company to work with, I couldn’t help but notice one that stood out above the rest.  And it wasn’t even close.  From the owners Matt and Tiffany, to the Inspector manager Jim, it was a great fit.  Our support staff is top notch and are always available not only for the inspectors but more importantly our clients.  Our Inspectors are the best of the best and I’m proud to be one of them.  We all love what we do and I look forward to the future in helping everyone we can.

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