Jim Guntzviller is the Inspector Manager for Trademark Inspection Services, starting as an inspector for the company 7 years ago. In addition to being a Certified Master Inspector, he is also CCPIA certified and a member of NAMP. 

Jim’s history of serving others dates back to his time in the U.S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. He worked in several areas, from the emergency room to the pediatric clinic and wards, to working as a field Corpsman with the Marines. After Jim left the Navy, he continued to work in pediatric and sports medicine before entering the construction business. He worked as the General Manager for a roofing and siding company, an Operations Manager for a roofing wholesaler, and as the head of several departments at Home Depot. From there, Jim decided to get his builders license and began doing inspections, which is where he finally found his true calling. Jim expressed that performing inspections was “what I would like to do when I grew up.” 

Seven years later, Jim still loves what he does. “I get to teach people about the investment they are looking to make, hopefully making their decision a little easier and more informed,” says Jim. “I get to meet and educate an extremely diverse group of clients and agents through different classes we teach to homebuyers and Realtors.”

Jim has two wonderful adult children, who he says have grown into better adults than he could have ever imagined. He feels incredibly lucky to have a job that rarely seems like work.

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