Spring cleaning can be fun

Spring Cleaning Tips For a Clean House This Season

It is officially springtime in Michigan. And with that, comes the lovely task of spring cleaning your home. Have no fear… Trademark Inspection Services, LLC has your back! We have scoured the web, and complied a list of spring cleaning tips conveniently in one place so you don’t have to go searching.

Clean Those Windows

Easily make your own cleaning solution for glass/mirrors by mixing 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol, 1/3 cup of vinegar, 


and 1/4 cup of distilled water. When cleaning your windows, be sure to pick a cloudy day to do so. Cleaning windows on a bright, sunny day will have the sun dry them too quickly, resulting in streaky windows. Using a microfiber cloth will have you get the cleanest windows on the block. Birds Beware!

Sliding Door Tracks

During the winter, we generally don’t use the sliding doors of our house as much as we do when the weather gets warmer. People often start to entertain outside when the weather starts to warm up, and those sliding patio doors get a lot more use. To help clean the sliding tracks so the doors don’t start to stick, simply use an old tooth brush, or similar smaller brush to fit into the track grooves. You can then use your vacuum hose to suck up the debris. Then finish the tracks off with a microfiber cloth to grab any remaining debris.

Give Your Carpet a Deep Clean

If you have recently got new carpeting put in, you may need to get it professionally cleaned every 12-18 months to ensure it keeps up on the warranty. Older carpets, however, you are able to just rent a carpet cleaner to tackle that deep clean yourself. Try to take note to the cleaning and drying instructions on the model to ensure a proper deep clean of the carpet. This will also help you take precautions for mold to not grow under the carpet padding.

Move Furniture and Appliances

Trademark Insepction Services, LLC teaches you how to get your home ready for SpringSpring cleaning is the perfect time to re-arrange the flow of furniture in your rooms. If you don’t plan to re-arrange your furniture, you should still move it around a bit to give underneath furniture, and appliances a good deep cleaning. Most people generally just sweep, and vacuum around furniture and appliances when they clean their home. But, at LEAST once a year (really every 3 months) you should move the furniture and appliances around to clean underneath them. Dust, debris, and food can easily get pushed underneath these areas when doing normal cleaning.

Donate UN-Wore Clothing to Charity

Each season you should make a conscious decision to clean out clothing that you don’t wear, and donate it to charity. An easy way to keep track of the clothing you don’t wear is to get metal rings and put them over the hanger top every time you do laundry, each time you wear that article of clothing, take the ring off, then simply replace it again next laundry day. Any article of clothing that still has the ring on it by the next season, donate it. That shows you haven’t wore it in at least 3 months. If you get easily attached to clothing and think that 3 months of not wearing something is too soon to part with it, then you can use the same rule and apply it to the next year. If you haven’t wore it in a year, chances are you aren’t going to wear it again. 

Have a Home Maintenance Inspection Done

Once a year consider having a home maintenance inspection done by a certified home inspector. Generally it is a good practice to have your home inspected annually. The reason annually is recommended is that a professional home inspector is not only trained to identify existing problems in your home, but to also identify potential issues that can lead to problems in your home. Another reason would be that problems in a home can occur rather quickly and the sooner they are discovered, often times the cheaper they are to have repaired.

In conclusion:

Here at Trademark, we love helping our clients, past or present, in anyway we can. We hope that this blog serves you well in your spring cleaning this year. Check back in future season for more helpful tips.

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