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Are you looking for the most reliable Radon Gas Testing services in Michigan? Look no further! We have invested in what is widely considered the best and most reliable continuous radon monitors available to ensure accurate testing results.

With almost 20,000 deaths a year due to high Radon Gas Levels, according to the Surgeon General, it’s important to keep your home or office within the EPA’s maximum exposure limit of 4.0pCi/L.

Trained and Certified

Our Radon Gas Testing services include short-term testing a to ensure that the radon levels in your home or office remain within a safe range. Our team of experts are trained and certified in all aspects of Radon Gas Testing, so you can rest assured knowing that your results will be accurate and reliable.

We strive to provide our clients with the most comprehensive Radon Gas Testing service available, so we are constantly researching new technologies and methods for detecting even the smallest traces of this hazardous gas.

Advanced Equipment

With our advanced equipment, we can identify problems quickly before they become major issues. In addition, we take great care to keep our costs competitively low without compromising on quality or accuracy.

Our staff is always available for questions about any aspect of Radon Gas Testing and safety measures you may need to put in place after testing has been completed.

Let us provide you with professional and quality Radon Gas Testing services today!

What Is Radon Gas?

Michigan AARST Radon Card

Michigan AARST Radon Card

Why Is Radon Gas Testing Necessary?

When you’re in the market to purchase a new home or if you’re just maintaining your current home or business, radon testing should be a high priority on your checklist. The negative health effects of living in a home – or working in a building – with high radon levels is the main reason you should have your home inspected. The fact that you can’t see, smell, or taste radon is another reason it’s so important to have a professional test the air. Your family’s life could be at stake, and having the peace of mind that your home or business doesn’t have high levels of radon is priceless.

How Radon Gas Enters Your Home

How Ragon Gas Enters a HomeRadon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas produced by the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water. Air pressure inside your home is usually lower than the pressure in the soil around your home’s foundation. Because of this difference in pressure, your house acts like a vacuum, drawing radon in through foundation cracks and other openings. Your home then traps the radon inside, where it can build up. Any home may have a radon problem. This means new and old homes, well-sealed and drafty homes, and homes with or without basements.

Radon may also be present in well water and can be released into the air in your home when water is used for showering and other household uses. In most cases, radon entering the home through water is a small risk compared with radon entering your home from the soil. In a small number of homes, the building materials (e.g., granite and certain concrete products) can give off radon, although building materials rarely cause radon problems by themselves. In the United States, radon gas in soils is the principal source of elevated radon levels in homes.

Qualified and Certified!

All inspectors at Trademark Inspection Services hold certifications from the most recognized organizations in the field and are dedicated to ongoing education, ensuring that every inspection is completed to the highest standard. 

Trademark Inspection Services, is InterNACHI Sewer Scope Certified
Trademark Inspection Services Offers Certified Master Inspectors
Trademark Inspection Services is Certified by The Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA)
Trademark Inspection Services, offers Certified Professional Inspectors
Trademark Inspection Services, is Certified Residential Thermography
Trademark Inspection Services, is Certified Through the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants
NAMP - Certified Mold Inspector

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Frequently Asked Property Inspection Questions

We tend to book out between 5 and 10 days however we know time is a factor and the inspection needs to be done sooner than that. In those cases we do everything possible to fit your inspection in, as long as it doesn’t make it so the inspector will have to rush anyone’s inspection.

The test must be set up in the home for a minimum of 48hrs, and because we use continuous radon monitors we will know your results as soon as the test is completed.

Though our technicians are certified to install radon gas mitigation systems, we do not offer this service as we feel it is a conflict of interest.

Thank You Heroes

Trademark home inspection, offers a hero discount for police, fire, first-responders, military, and educators

Trademark Inspection Services proudly supports our heroes by offering our $25 Hero Discount. From police, fire, and military to educators, and rescue workers, we thank you for all that you do.