Protect Your Your New Homes Main Sewer Line With Sewer|Gard

Trademark Home Inspection, LLC Protects Buyers With a FREE Sewer|Gard Warranty!


Update: As of 9-9-2022 Trademark Inspection Services No Longer Offers This Warranty

Trademark Home Inspection, LLC offers Sewer Scope Inspections for Home Owners, and Home Buyers. We can perform a lateral line sewer scope on your main sewer line. We will provide you with a written report as well as a link to the video within 24hours of the sewer scope inspection.

The sewer line from the house to the street is their responsibility

Many homeowners and buyers alike don’t know that the sewer line from the house to the street is their responsibility. That is why getting a sewer scope inspection is so important! Sewer lines can be a very costly expense to repair for homeowners if not caught in time. And what a horrible feeling it would be for a new homeowner to purchase their dream home just to have thousands of dollars flushed down the toilet having to repair a sewer line they didn’t know had any issues.

Sewer|Gard Warranty

When you purchase a Home Inspection with us, your Sewer|Gard Warranty will cover you for 90 days after your inspection, or 22 days after you reach the closer table, whichever of the two comes later. But, when you purchase a video sewer scope from Trademark Home Inspection, LLC you are protected with a FREE Sewer|Gard Warranty that covers you for an extended period of 6 months after the Inspection, or 22 days after closing, whichever comes later. Not only will purchasing a video sewer scope with us allow you to see the condition of the sewer earlier, but it also comes with that amazing warranty to let you breathe easier.

Most Common Sewer Issues

There are numerous reasons that your sewer line could be faulty, but the most common reasons for issues are: having a collapsed pipe, having a cracked or broken pipe, having an offset pipe, having a root obstruction from a tree in either your yard, or a neighbors yard, having a low belly area in the pipe, and/or have a burst leaking pipe. The picture on the right shows you the different types of issues explained.

New Constructions are not exempt

If you think you are safe from needing a sewer scope when purchasing a newly constructed home, think again. There are issues that can arise when constructing a home that could affect your sewer line as well. Construction debris such as drywall mud and small pieces of wood can get put down drain lines, lines can become separated during the back-filling of the trench in which they were placed, and bellies can occur due to reckless back filling of the sewer line trench. Don’t skip out on a sewer scope just because you think you’re purchasing a newly built house!

Homeowners Regular Maintenance

If you are a homeowner, you should get a sewer scope inspection done at least every five years as part of regular maintenance done to your home. It would save you thousands if you caught an issue early on, and it only was a minor repair as opposed to letting your line go and not realizing there was an issue until the pipe cracks or bursts down the road. If you are thinking of selling your home in the near future, having a sewer scope inspection done before listing would be a good idea also, so you can fix any minor repairs before listing your home. It would show a good rapport to sellers looking at your home when they come to make an offer and you can present them with an inspection report for the home and sewer alike.

Tree Root Blockage

If you, or your neighbor have a tree in your yard, it is especially important to get a sewer scope inspection done to see if your line is clogged from tree roots, leaves, and debris. Root blockage can cause slow draining in the sinks, backed up toilets, and cracked pipes. The earlier you detect root obstruction in your pipes, the cheaper it will be to take care of. When you get routine sewer scope inspections with us, you will be able to save money by detecting it early enough.

Trademark Home Inspection Guarantee

Buying and selling a home is already a stressful time, using us for a sewer scope inspection will take a lot of the less off you knowing that you are covered by our Free Sewer|Gard Warranty. Most people fear costly surprises when purchasing a property. Trademark Home Inspection, LLC will provide you the information you need to purchase any property with confidence.

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