Properly Grading Your Home

Are you a home buyer, commercial property buyer, or homeowner looking for ways to protect your investment? If so, proper grading around your home or commercial building is essential.

As part of any maintenance plan for your house or commercial building it is important to make sure the ground slopes away from the structure. Improper grading can lead to many issues such as moisture problems and even basement leaks.

In this blog post we will discuss why proper grading around your home is so important and how it can help prevent mold and wood destroying insects.

Protect your basement and foundation

Proper grading around a home helps to ensure that water will run away from the structure, preventing moisture and potential flooding. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recommends that all homes should have grades sloping at least six inches away from the foundation within 10 feet of the house.

When done properly this can help reduce saturation and keep your basement dry. Additionally, proper grading can also prevent wood-destroying insects such as termites or carpenter ants from attacking vulnerable areas such as window frames or door frames.

Proper grading can improve soil conditions

In addition to protecting against moisture and insect infestations, proper grading around your home is important for drainage purposes too. Without good drainage you could end up with poor soil conditions which can lead to further issues including plant diseases or even erosion over time.

As part of any maintenance plan for your house it is important to ensure that gutters are kept clean, downspouts direct water away from your foundation and landscape slopes downward toward drains if necessary.

Increase curb appeal!

It might be beneficial to consult with a landscaping professional who has experience in making sure these elements are incorporated into the design properly, so you don’t have any surprises later down the line when it comes time to maintain your property’s integrity.

Also, proper grading around a home help increase its value by improving curb appeal while reducing potential problems relating to mold growth due to dampness near foundations walls caused by improper runoff management strategies–or lack thereof!

Making sure grade levels slope away from buildings is one way homeowners can contribute positively towards their overall property value through routine maintenance checks like this one throughout each season of ownership for optimal results year after year!

Avoid costly repairs.

Aside from the obvious benefits of proper grading around your home, it is also important to keep in mind that making sure these elements are addressed can help you avoid costly repairs down the line.

If left unchecked, moisture and wood destroying insects can cause extensive damage which may be very expensive to repair or replace which could have been prevented with a few simple steps. Taking the time now to make sure your property’s grade levels slope away from structures will ensure its longevity for years to come!

Proper grading around your home may be a requirement for insurance purposes

Properly grading your houseIt is also important to keep in mind that proper grading around your home may be a requirement for insurance purposes. Many home insurance policies will require the homeowner to maintain their property and its grounds in good condition which includes making sure proper grades are used. This can help prevent some potential problems from occurring, ensuring you’re not left with unexpected expenses down the line due to improper maintenance of your property.

Overall, having properly graded land around your home is essential for protecting against moisture-related issues and wood destroying insects as well as helping improve curb appeal and increasing the value of your home overall! Taking a few simple steps now such as regularly inspecting gutters, downspouts, slopes around buildings and other drainage elements can ensure that these areas are kept up with minimal effort required!

In conclusion, being proactive when it comes to maintaining grades helps protect against expensive repairs or replacements while providing peace of mind knowing you’re taking proactive measures towards keeping your investment safe over time!

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