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Summer Time In Northern Michigan! Well, all of Michigan really. Sunday June 20th marks the first official day of Summer. And after Memorial Day is when the pools start to open up for the season. But, wouldn’t it be nice to have your OWN pool in your backyard? Whether you are on a budget, or have a small back yard, our new blog Perfect Pools will have something to fit everyone’s lifestyle.

Limited Space? No Problem!

The trend going around this year is the Stock Tank Pool. You will only need 8 items to turn this stock tank into a an actual pool for the summer. This is the easiest way to get a nice pool in your tiny yard this summer. Click here to get your step by step instructions on what you will need, and how to assemble the pool.

Who Said Pallets Don’t Make Good Pools?

Depending on the size of the pool you want, is how many pallets you will need. 9 pallets will get you a pretty decent sized octagon pool. All you need to hold the water in is a large waterproof tarp and you are good to go. Since this one won’t allow for a pool filter to be put in, this will require a bit more upkeep.

Dumpster Diving!

This pool takes the phrase “Dumpster Diving” to a whole new level! For this pool, you take an old dumpster, a large waterproof tarp, and some slats to make the perfect pool. Click here to get your step by step instructions on this unique pool.

PVC Pool

For this pool, you will need a large tarp, some pvc pipes, and a few more accessories to assemble the finished product. You can make the pool any size you would like by the amount of pvc pipes you buy. To see the full step by step instructions on assembling this pool, along with a DIY guide for a pool ladder, click here.

All Natural.

Trademark Insepction Services, LLC Tells you about PoolsIf you like swimming in a lake or pond, then this DIY swimming pool is your cup of tea! This pool looks adorable, and helps cool you off on a hot summer day. These natural swimming pools increase property value, and add an abundance of environmental benefits as well. To see you go to guide for a natural swimming pool, click here.

Don’t Forget About The Accessories!

This adorable storage holder is made from a few wooden milk crates, and some wheels. Easily hold your sunscreen, beers, and towels with this DIY idea. Click here to see the full instructions to make this for your own poolside area.

In Conclusion:

Here at Trademark, we love helping our clients, past or present, in anyway we can. We hope that this blog serves you well in your journey to your own backyard bliss. Check back in future season for more helpful tips.

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