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Are you concerned about mold growth in your home or commercial property? Mold can cause a range of health problems and can be difficult to detect without the help of an experienced professional. At Trademark Inspection Services, our certified inspectors are trained to identify any physical signs of mold as well as conditions that could lead to its growth.

Certified and Experienced

Our Inspectors are Certified through the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2) and the National Association of Mold Professionals (NAMP) to perform your mold inspection and testing services.

We follow the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2) Standards of Practice when performing a mold inspection.

Specialized Equipment

We use specialized equipment such as infrared cameras, hygrometers, and moisture meters which allow us to identify areas of excessive humidity or moisture that can lead to the growth of mold. In addition, our inspectors are trained in air sampling protocols, allowing them to collect samples from various parts of the property for further analysis.

Easy To Understand Reports

Once our inspection is complete, we will provide you with an easy-to-understand report outlining any visible signs of mold as well as any potential risk factors found during the assessment process. We understand that dealing with mold can be stressful so we strive to make sure all customers receive prompt results and supportive advice throughout the entire process.

Whether you need help understanding what steps need to be taken next or simply want peace-of-mind knowing your family’s health is protected, our team at Trademark Inspection Services has got you covered!

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What To Do If You Suspect You Have a Mold Problem

Michigan Mold Inspection & Testing Packages

Limited Mold

  • Inspection of one Area or Floor Such As An Attic, Basement, or Room.
  • A Full Digital Report of the Inspectors Findings Including Recommendations.
  • Up To 4 Mold Samples Including Laboratory Fees.
  • Laboratory Report Included.

Full Mold

  • Inspection of The Accessible Areas of The Interior and Exterior.
  • A Full Digital Report of the Inspectors Findings Including Recommendations.
  • Up To 6 Mold Samples Including Laboratory Fees.
  • Laboratory Report Included.

Mold Clearance

  • Inspection of the Remediated and the Area(s) Adjacent of the Remediated Area.
  • A Full Digital Report of the Inspectors Findings Including Recommendations.
  • Up To 4 Mold Samples Including Laboratory Fees.
  • Laboratory Report Included.

Types of Mold Sampling

Air Sampling For Mold

Air sampling for mold is done to see if an elevated level of mold spores exists in your home. This is done by taking air samples inside your home as test samples and comparing them to samples taken outside your home used as control samples.

In general the concentration of mold spores inside your home should be lower than the concentration of mold spore outside of your home.

It is important to know that a set of standards for indoor mold growth does not exist and interpretation of the results greatly depends on the inspectors experience and training.

That is why the inspector performs a visual examination of the property along with taking air samples to determine if a mold problem exists in your home or business.

Surface Sampling For Mold

Surface sampling for mold is usually performed when there is a visible presence of mold or what is thought to be mold may exist.

There are two typical ways to take a surface sample. The first way is a Tape Lift sample in which a piece of bio-tape is placed over the suspected area and the sample is retrieved. The other method is a Swab sample in which a sterile swab is rolled over the suspected area and placed back in a container containing a gel to preserve the sample.

Any of the methods above need to be done by a trained mold inspector as they all have their limitations and only after a thorough mold inspection can a testing plan be developed.

After testing is complete the samples will be sent to a certified laboratory for analysis.

Qualified and Certified!

All inspectors at Trademark Inspection Services hold certifications from the most recognized organizations in the field and are dedicated to ongoing education, ensuring that every inspection is completed to the highest standard. 

Trademark Inspection Services, is InterNACHI Sewer Scope Certified
Trademark Inspection Services Offers Certified Master Inspectors
Trademark Inspection Services is Certified by The Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA)
Trademark Inspection Services, offers Certified Professional Inspectors
Trademark Inspection Services, is Certified Residential Thermography
Trademark Inspection Services, is Certified Through the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants
NAMP - Certified Mold Inspector

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Frequently Asked Mold Inspection & Testing Questions

Yes, Trademark Inspection Services provides inspections 7 days a week to better serve you

Mold testing results are available within 2 to 3 business days of doing the onsite mold testing and inspection. However, because we use a local certified laboratory, if the inspection and testing are done early enough on a business day, for a laboratory rush processing fee we can get results the same day.

Yes, we encourage everyone involved to be present during a mold inspection. Not only will we be investigating the current condition of the property but will also be giving many tips on how to maintain the it.

We tend to book out between 5 and 10 days however we know time is a factor and the inspection needs to be done sooner than that. In those cases we do everything possible to fit your inspection in, as long as it doesn’t make it so the inspector will have to rush anyone’s inspection.

No Trademark Inspection Services feels that while we are certified to mitigate mold,  it creates a conflict of interest so we only offer mold inspections and mold testing.

Thank You Heroes

Trademark home inspection, offers a hero discount for police, fire, first-responders, military, and educators

Trademark Inspection Services proudly supports our heroes by offering our $25 Hero Discount. From police, fire, and military to educators, and rescue workers, we thank you for all that you do.