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Residential Home Inspections

With more 5-Star Reviews across the web than any other home inspection company in our area, You can trust us to help you make an informed decision on purchasing, selling, or maintaining a home.

Commercial Building Evaluations

Our Commercial Building Evaluation can help you make an informed decision before signing on the dotted line. If you currently own a commercial property a Commercial Building Evaluation can help you keep it in tip top shape. 

Environmental Testing

Performed as a Stand Alone Service or added on to your Residential Home Inspection or Commercial Building Evaluation we can test your property for environmental concerns, such as Mold or Radon Gas!

Local Service Providers

Below is a list of local service providers to help you with your home related projects. Trademark Inspection Services recommends getting at least three estimates and researching all companies before deciding on a local service provider.

Mold Remediation

Restoration 1 of Metro Detroit

Chris Kushmaul
(734) 349-3501

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Great Lakes Remediation

Patrick Kintz
(248) 887-6654
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John Du Bois
(734) 439-8800
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Well and Septic Inspections


(248) 486-1753
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Basement & Crawlspace Services


Troy Miller
(517) 706-1399
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CRG Electric, LLC

(734) 757-4308
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Efficient Electric, INC

Michael Nemecek
(734) 765-5406
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Heating & Cooling

Proficient Heating and Cooling

Quentin Hicks
(734) 620-9580

B. Kero and Son

Bill -313-729-2385


LENOX Plumbing

(734) 787-6185
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Radon Mitigation

SWAT Environmental

(734) 971-0446
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Two Men and a Truck 

Julienne Couchenour
(734) 722-6683
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Structural Engineers

Steven M. Whitican P.E.

(810) 292-9258
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Pool Inspections

GKB Pool Inspections, LLC

Gary Brewer
(734) 645-9857
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Wildlife and Pest Control

Trapper Silky

Justin Silkowski
(734) 272-6851

Home Services

I-Know-A-Guy-Window Cleaning

John Mitchell
Pam Mitchell
(734) 578-4257

APS Residential Services

Roy Nye
(800) 264-7120
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TidySmart Organizing Solutions

Steffanie Porter
(248) 755-4992
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Roofing Companies

LeakPro Roofing & Skylight Co.

Thomas Monahan
(734) 905-7198
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Gaits Home Improvement

(313) 520-9675

Title Companies

Embassy Title Agency

Kate McCarty
(734) 293-2000
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Insurance Agents


Cheryl Bowker
(734) 525-9610
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Specialty Inspections

Phase 1 Environmental Inspections

G2 Consulting Group

Tom McDonald
(248) 680-0400

Lake Services

C&R Lakeside Landscaping

Chris Cole
(734) 301-1379
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Qualified and Certified!

All inspectors at Trademark Inspection Services hold certifications from the most recognized organizations in the field and are dedicated to ongoing education, ensuring that every inspection is completed to the highest standard. 

Trademark Inspection Services, is InterNACHI Sewer Scope Certified
Trademark Inspection Services Offers Certified Master Inspectors
Trademark Inspection Services is Certified by The Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA)
Trademark Inspection Services, offers Certified Professional Inspectors
Trademark Inspection Services, is Certified Residential Thermography
Trademark Inspection Services, is Certified Through the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants
NAMP - Certified Mold Inspector

Over 1,500 5-Star Reviews!

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We proudly serve the following Michigan Counties, Cities and Surrounding Areas:

Frequently Asked Home Maintenance Inspection Questions

That depends on the size of the home, the age of the home, and how many things are being found a good rule of thumb is to allow at least three hours.

In general a home maintenance inspection is very similar to a home buyer’s inspection, however there are some differences. For example, the inspector will not inspect the appliances in the home, as the homeowner is aware of the current condition of them, such as burners not working on the stove, or a faulty ice maker in the refrigerator, however the inspector will inspect the installation of the appliances.

Yes, we encourage everyone involved to be present during a home inspection, or mold inspection. Not only will we be investigating the current condition of the home but will also be giving many tips on how to maintain the home.

We tend to book out between 5 and 10 days however we know time is a factor and the inspection needs to be done sooner than that. In those cases we do everything possible to fit your inspection in, as long as it doesn’t make it so the inspector will have to rush anyone’s inspection.

Generally it is a good practice to have your home inspected annually. The reason annually is recommended is that a professional home inspector is not only trained to identify existing problems in your home, but to also identify potential issues that can lead to problems in your home. Another reason would be that problems in a home can occur rather quickly and the sooner they are discovered, often times the cheaper they are to have repaired.

Most people understand that it’s important to have a professional inspection before they invest in a new home, but once they get the seal of approval, they often neglect to have their home inspected on a regular basis. Upkeep of a home is important and if problems aren’t caught early on, it can put a big dent in your wallet down the road.

Regularly inspecting heating and air conditioning systems, plumbing, the roof of your home, windows and doors, electrical appliances, and the foundation – among other things – will alert you to minor problems that if fixed promptly, can save you from having to replace expensive items because they’ve been neglected.

By having your home inspected yearly, you will be able to prioritize your annual maintenance and help prevent some of the costly mistakes many homeowners make by not performing general maintenance.

Whatever your home inspection needs, Trademark Inspection Services is a dependable, solid, and affordable choice.

Thank You Heroes

Trademark home inspection, offers a hero discount for police, fire, first-responders, military, and educators

Trademark Inspection Services proudly supports our heroes by offering our $25 Hero Discount. From police, fire, and military to educators, and rescue workers, we thank you for all that you do.