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Home Safety During The Holiday. 

Holidays are a time for laughter and cheer. Families getting together. Santa coming down the chimney. Delicious meals and cookies galore. Christmas lights, chimneys roaring, and real Christmas trees can help boost your Christmas spirit. But, those beautiful decorations can also help cause house fires if proper precautions aren’t taken. Stringing up those beautiful decorations outside, and on the roof are cause for spikes in trips to the emergency room during the holidays. And unfortunately, with all the high end items underneath the Christmas tree..the holidays are also a time for higher crime rates. Because of this holiday season being in the midst of the Covid outbreak, it is important to be safe while vising family members this year as well. This article isn’t mean to scare you, or lessen your holiday spirit. It is meant to help educate you, and help you have home safety during the holidays.

 Protecting Your Packages.

Most people tend to do the majority of their shopping online during the holidays. They prefer the accessibility of shopping from home or work, not dealing with the crowded stores.. and lets face it, you get to shop in your pajamas! With the online shopping, that means packages being delivered to your porch. Make sure that you are following tracking and shipping updates for all of your packages so you can know when to expect them. This will help you not only by making sure that your gifts will get there in time for Christmas, but so you can know how many packages should be delivered during that time frame. Around the holidays people tend to make note of when you’re not at home, and how long packages are sitting on your porch. Theft is much easier when you’re not home for an extended period of time, and you are getting an abundance of packages delivered around the holidays. A few simple ways protect your packages around the holidays are:

  • Being more aware of vehicles parking on your street constantly that normally aren’t there.
  • Doing your best to be home when more expensive packages will be delivered.
  • Installing a ring doorbell to record all vehicles, and people around your home.
  • Asking your carrier to put packages in a designated area if you can’t be home that is hidden from view.
  • Having packages delivered to a neighbors address that you know will be home during that time (probably best to ask that neighbor first.)

Traveling For The Holidays


If you normally travel for the  holidays, your home may be at a larger risk to be burglarized. Here are some helpful tips to make traveling less stressful.

  • Make sure to not post on social media that you are traveling.
  • Bring your hide-a-key inside to make getting into the home harder for criminals.
  • Put a stop on your mail so people can’t see you haven’t been home for awhile.
  • Put your lights on a timer if you can for the time that they would normally be on while your home. That will make it look like your still home.
  • Have someone house sit for you if you can.
  • Have a neighbor keep an eye on your house for you.
  • Set your alarm system when you leave.
  • Hide valuables in a safe.

Decorating Your Home & Roof.

We all love to have our homes decorated for the holidays with beautiful lights and decorations. But, not using proper precautions could mean a trip to the emergency room. Here are some easy tips to follow to help you be safe while decorating your home.

  • Make sure you have someone holding the ladder when you are getting on and off the roof.
  • Make sure you have slip resistant shoes on while on the roof.
    Don’t get on the roof while its raining, or if it had just rained.
  • Make sure someone is out there with you while your on the roof in case you fall off, so they can call for help.

Protecting Your Home From Burglary.

Home invasions are at a higher percentage during the holidays. Homes are filled with high end gifts such as, jewelry, televisions, clothes, etc. It is important to make sure you either cut up, or burn high end items before putting the box into the trash. Thefts will search trash after the holidays to see what items were purchased to see if there are anything worth stealing from the home. Never put large boxes that says what the item is without breaking it down and preferably burning the box first. If you have your tree near your front window, make sure to keep gifts hidden and not under the tree in plain view. Try to keep fits in a non visible location until Christmas morning, that will keep prying kids, and criminals at bay resulting in home safety during the holidays

Protecting Your Home From Fires.

Home Safety During The HolidaysRisk of house fires are at an all time high around the holidays. Unattended cooking fires are the leading source with Thanksgiving being the number one day for those fires .Electrical fires are second, followed closely by fires started by candles. The following steps will help you reduce the risk of your house becoming a statistic.

  • Don’t get distracted by company while cooking, always be close to the stove/oven and keep a fish extinguisher close by.
  • Keep real Christmas trees away from open flames such as candles, fireplaces, and space heaters.
    Never use candles as decorations on Christmas trees.
  • Trim down your tree to expose the new wood to allow for better water absorption.
  • Water your tree often, or have a water reservoir.
  • Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children.
  • Make sure artificial trees are fire resistant.
  • If you have decorations by your fireplace, make to keep them away from the flame, and do not leave your fireplace unattended.


Advice From a First Responder.

“This is Tremel here. I’ve been a first responder for the last ten year, so I know a little something about safety. I know everyone is missing their loved ones, due to the covid orders.This is only temporary everyone. so if you can follow these steps to prevent the spread, you will have a safe holiday.

As a firefighter, one of the main causes of a house fire is electrical issues during the holidays. Here is a quick safety list for prevention.

  • Have smoke detectors, and make sure the batteries are replaced.
  • Have a fire extinguisher near by.
  • Never leave the fireplace unattended.
  • Don’t over plug one electric outlet.
  • Monitor the stove/oven during prep for dinner.

As an EMT I also have medical knowledge. During these times, here are some safety tips to prevent the spread of covid.

  • Wash your hands often.
  • Use hand sanitizer.
  • Stay 6 feet apart if possible.
  • Wear a mask.

If you follow these steps, I assure you will have a happy and safe holiday.”

In conclusion:

The steps listed above will help you to ensure you can enjoy your holidays safely and securely. Don’t let traveling or theft dampen your Christmas spirit! Be prepared, and cautious, and you can go on enjoying your holiday season with friends and loved ones and have home safety during the holidays. We at Trademark Home Inspection would like to wish you and your family, a very happy holiday season.

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