Trademark Inspection Services talks about Grill Safety

Grill Safety.

Summer time in Michigan means busting out those grills, and having outside gatherings with friends and family. But, not having proper grill safety, could easily lead to a disaster. At Trademark Inspection Services, we don’t want you to become another statistic. That is why we have taken the time to inform you about the safety of using the grill this season in our newest blog.

Grilling Statistics.

Trademark Inspection Services, LLC Shows Grilling StatistictsDid you know that on average, 10,600 house fires each year are caused by grills? July is the peak month for fires caused by grills, followed by June, May, and August. 19,700 people are sent to the ER every year with grill related injuries. 9,500 of those injuries are thermal burns. 64% of households in the United states own at least one grill or smoker. Gas grills have a higher percentage of causing fires over charcoal grills. 61% of households own a gas grill. Grilling accidents cause $96 million in property damage each year.

Give Your Grill Enough Room.

I know that standing in the blistering heat while grilling doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. But, trying to squeeze your grill into a shaded area could be a recipe for a disaster. A low hanging tree branch, or awning could easily catch fire if a floating ember landed on top of it. A good rule of thumb is you should stay at least 10 feet away from deck railings, garages, or your home as well.

Don’t Leave A Lit Grill Unattended.

It is very important when having gatherings and all those people outside, that kids and pets stay at least three feet away from a lit grill. Even after you are finished cooking, the grill will stay hot for at least an hour afterwards, which could result in burns if the grill is touched. It is easy to get distracted when you’re trying to entertain, but if you can have someone helping you with the kids while you are grilling, that would be your best bet to avoid injuries.

Make Sure To Keep The Grill Clean.

Keeping up on cleaning the grill will have better tasting food that doesn’t stick to the grill. But having a clean grill will significantly reduce the risk of the grill flaring up when cooking. Using a good wire brush to clean the grill is your best bet.

Grills Are For Outside Only.

If it decides to rain on your parade (or barbecue) it is never a good idea to take the grill inside. There are countless fire hazards that could occur when trying to grill inside, not to mention the release of carbon monoxide which could be deadly. Opt to use an indoor grill pan if the weather doesn’t decide to cooperate with you for your barbecue instead.  

Grill SafetyNever Light A Gas Grill With The Lid Closed.

If you are lighting your gas grill with the lid closed, that could result in a dangerous fireball effect caused from the buildup of gas. Keep your lid open on the grill anytime you are lighting it. If your flame happens to go out, turn the gas off, turn the grill off, and then wait at least 5 minutes before trying to relight it.

Are You Prepared?

Fires are extremely fast moving. If a grill fire started, are you prepared to put it out? Baking soda on hand is helpful to put out a grease fire. Never put water on a grease fire! Using a fire extinguisher will help with non grease related fires.

Don’t Use Lighter Fluid To Start A Charcoal Grill

We all know that using lighter fluid helps light the charcoal grill, but it also adds chemicals to the food you are cooking on the grill. Adding lighter fluid to pre lit coals is an especially bad idea as it could cause a flare-up. Using a charcoal starter is the much better way to go about starting a charcoal grill.

In Conclusion:

Here at Trademark, we love helping our clients, past or present, in any way we can. We hope that this blog serves you well in your own grilling safety this summer. Check back in the future season for more helpful tips.

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