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The Kids Bored This Summer? With These Easy Summer Hacks They’ll be Having Fun in No Time!

Trademark Inspetion Servcies blog for Fun Summer HacksWith the kids home for the summer, keeping things quick, easy, and mess-free can be difficult. With vacationing and parties such as: Graduation, 4th of July, birthdays, etc. Making the kids and others have a good time is going to be the priority. Using these hacks will take some of the stress off you and have you enjoying the summer season as well!

A Floaty for Everyone

What you will need – Pool Noodles & Yarn

Inflatable pool floaty’s can be fun…until they pop. An easy way to make a pool floaty that won’t pop is to use pool noodles. Using yarn, tie the ends of as many noodles as you like to make whatever size you want. After, tie on to the top to have a great head rest as well. Make sure the noodles are close together so you wont slip off and put it in the water. an super easy floaty that you and even your fur can friends can enjoy!

Sink Extender

What you will need – Soap/Lotion Bottle, Scissors

Have a bunch of little ones coming over? Reaching the sink to wash their hands could be pretty challenging especially if they’re too short. Using an old shampoo bottle, Cut out the bottom to fit around the head of your sink. After doing that, Slide it over the spout of the sink when the kids wash their hands. Doing this will extend the sink spout out more and make it easier for them to keep germ free with nice clean hands.

Relieve the Burn

What you will need – Aloe Vera, Ice Cube Tray, Freezer

Being in the sun all day can be fun….until you forget the sunscreen. We all know that one person who says, “I don’t burn I just tan.” Then they end up looking like a tomato. This hack will help you and anyone else out if they have some nasty sunburns. First, put some aloe vera into an ice tray. Next, put said ice tray in the freezer to freeze overnight. Lastly, take out the aloe vera ice cubes for whenever you or someone is sun burnt. It’s an easier way to sooth the burn and you’ll never lose that bottle of aloe again!

Sand – Free Space

Fun Summer Hacks

What you will need – Fitted Bed Sheet & 4 Weighted bags

Having a beach day is the best thing about the summer. The cool water, laying out and sun bathing, relaxing without a care in the world. The worst thing is the sand. It gets everywhere outside and even inside the car! To keep the sand at bay, bring a fitted sheet to the beach! Pull it out the grab 4 bags or coolers that have somewhat of weight to them to each corner. Lastly, pull the corners up so you make somewhat of a boat to keep everything inside. Take your shoes off before entering the blanket and there you go! An easy way to have fun in the sun and keep the mess at rest.

Balloon Ice

What you will need – Water, Balloons, & a freezer

Plan on having a arty over the summer? This hack is perfect! Fill balloons of any size with water and freeze. Once that is done, you can either keep them in the balloon and put them in your bucket or cooler. Once they melt after the long day of keeping your drinks cold, gather everyone around and you can have a fun water balloon fight too.

Contain the Mess

What you will need – Cupcake Liners, Scissors, & Popsicles

Going back to the cupcake liners, here’s another way to utilize them. The best treat in the summer is obviously a popsicle. The biggest problem with them is the mess when it starts to melt. Using a pair of scissor, cut a small line in the bottom of the cupcake liners. Then, keeping the cupcake liner facing up, stick the popsicle stick through the bottom and there! The family can enjoy a nice cold popsicle on a hot day without worrying about making a mess or not.

Fun Summer HacksKeep the Bugs Away

What you will need – Straws, Cupcake Liners, Cup or Can, and Scissors

Keeping the bugs away from your refreshing drinks can be tiresome. They can crawl in and make it all gross to where you can’t drink it anymore. This hack will help those pesky insects away from your drink. Grab the cupcake liner and cut a small hole in the bottom. Keeping the cupcake liner with the bottom facing up, put it over the opening of the can or cup. Push the straw through the hole and drink! Doing this will help keep insects away from your drink and make is mess free.

Easy Campfire Starter

What you will need – Laundry Lint and a Empty Toilet Paper Roll, Tissue, and 2 Rubber Bands

With hot days and cool nights, having a bonfire is great! Everyone gets to sit around it and have a fun time. The hardest part is getting the fire going. To make it easy, use this hack that will have a fire going in no time. First you are going to take the laundry lint and stuff it into the toilet paper roll. Next, lay the tissue over the ends of the toilet paper roll. After that use the rubber bands to keep the tissue covering the holes in the toilet paper tubes. Lastly, throw it in the fire pit and light it up to get a great start to a fun bonfire!

A\C too Expensive?

What you will need –  Styrofoam Cooler, Ice, 2 dryer vents, and a Fan

With summer here we all know what that means… More expensive bills. Electric bill, groceries bill, and even the water bill.  To cut back on expenses but still staying cool, this crafty hack can help. First cut out 3 slots in the lid of the styrofoam cooler. Insert the fan in the middle and the 2 dryer vents on the outer 2 holes. After setting all that up, pour the ice into the cooler. Lastly, Plug the fan in and enjoy the cooler air!

Hidden Valuables

What you will need – Any Empty Lotion Bottle & Scissors

While at the beach, walking away from your valuables can be nerve-wracking. You don’t want anything stolen if you walk away from one split second but then  you can’t enjoy the water. This hack will help hide your stuff so can have fun in the sun with no worries! Taking an empty lotion bottle, make sure its clean and cut the bottom or top (whichever one is easier) in a way that you will be able to slide it back on. Hide your phone, wallet, keys, and anything else you wouldn’t want to get stolen and it will be perfectly disguised as a bottle of lotion!

In Conclusion:

Keeping the kids occupied and easy-going can be difficult. With the easy hacks above, they might help you out during the summer season and let you have a stress free and easy-going one as well. If you have ever tried any of the hack above, please feel free to leave how they worked out for you in the comments below! Or if you have fun summer hacks that have worked for you that are not above please let us know and how they worked!

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