Inspector Inspecting a Commercial Roof

Update: As of 9/9/2020 Trademark Inspection Services No Longer Offers No Longer Offer This.


Are You Worried About The Condition Of The Roof On The New Home?

Who am I kidding, we live in Michigan.. of course you are worried about the condition of your new roof! Rain, high winds, hail, snow, sleet, and ice are all weather issues that could damage your roof by living in Michigan. Michigan’s lovely four seasons are great for changing up the mundane, but bad for the structure of our home’s. But with Trademark Inspection Services, LLC Home Buyers Receive a FREE Roof Leak Protection Plan. We can help you breathe a little easier when buying your new home. 

How Michigan Weather Can Affect Your Roofing and Shingles.

We all know that high winds can affect your roof by the obvious ways of blowing the shingles off your roof and leaving the underlayment exposed which can lead to a leak, but did you know how else Michigan weather can affect your roofing? 

Sleet: Sleet can build up on your roof and cause ice dams, and as the weather warms up, the ice will melt and possibly leak into your attic if there is exposed underlayment. Leaking attics we all know could result in mold. 

Snow: Living in Michigan, we all know how heavy snow can get as it piles up. This is no different on your roofs. As snow piles up on your roof, the weight from the snow can cause the roof to collapse if there are weak spots in the structure of the roof itself.

Hail: Hail impacts on your roofing may not appear until months after a hail storm actually hits your roof. These latent issues may cause early aging of your singles, and might be something most homeowners wouldn’t even think about.

Rain: Heavy rain storms will wear away the shingles overtime and will do so faster in the spots of the roof that are higher, because those are being hit first by the rain. The moisture issues that heavy rain cause will compromise the structural integrity of the roof, and the home over time. 


Different Types of Roofing Material: There are a few kinds of roofing materials that can be used when covering your home. Each material is only made to last so long before it starts to deteriorate. See the diagram courtesy of Gold Key Roofing which shows you roofing materials at a glance.

At your home inspection with Trademark Inspection Services, LLC  your InterNACHI® trained inspector will also help you by giving you a rough estimate of how many more years they think your roof has left of life, as well as any damages that they see in your roof during their inspection.

Trademark Inspection Services, LLC Covers Buyers With a FREE 5 Year Roof Leak Protection Plan

We know that most people fear costly surprises when purchasing a property, with our detailed inspection and environmental testing services, Trademark Inspection Services, LLC will provide you the information you need to purchase any property with confidence. 

Trademark Inspection Services, LLC takes pride in treating our customers with the same care we would show to our own family. We go above and beyond at every inspection, and we are confident that any of our inspectors will catch the costly damages that are in your new home.

Damages from leaks in your roof could result in a massively expensive repair costing anywhere from  $6,550 – $11,900, and that isn’t including the cost of mold remediation. With Trademark Inspection Services, LLC offering a Platinum Roof Leak Protection Plan with their home inspections, we can help you cut that cost down by the thousands. Just like with a warranty on a car, our warranties and protection plan’s cover the more costly issues by our customers only needing to pay a portion of the repair with a small deductible.

You are spending enough money purchasing your new home, between closing costs, Real Estate Agent Fees, and moving, Trademark Inspection Services, LLC  wants to make sure you don’t have to spend more money than you have to. Offering our warranties and protection plan’s to our buyers  help cut out the added stress of finding out latent defects when it’s too late in the home purchasing process. 

At the time of the inspection, if your roof is found leak free, those spots will be covered under the Platinum Roof Leak Plan for FIVE YEARS! So, rest assured that you won’t have to worry about any new leaks in your new home.

Platinum Roof Leak Protection Plan is a product of and serviced by Residential Warranty Services.

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