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May Landscaping Ideas

April showers bring May flowers. May is generally when the weather starts getting, and consistently staying warm in Michigan. Which makes it the perfect time to plant flowers, and landscape your yard. We have scoured the web for you, and put together a list of the top ways to landscape your yard. You will me the envy of the block with our May landscaping ideas.

Gussy Up Your Staircase.

If you have a stair case, a simple way to spruce it up, is to line the sides with flowers. This will easily allow you to add a pop of color to your yard. The bright vibrant colors from the flowers also make the yard and staircase for aesthetically pleasing. Simply add a few solar lights in between the flowers to help light up the staircase for ease of use at night time as well.

Repurpose Your Old Bike.

 Easily turn that old bike into a gorgeous planter! Add a wicker basket or two and plant your favorite flowers. This is a budget friendly way to add some color to you yard, and this will allow you to repurpose that old bike you have sitting in the back of the garage. Who says junk can’t look good?

No Space. No Problem!

One of the biggest hurdle home owners face while planting flowers, is the room. If you don’t have space to plant luxurious gardens, think about going up instead of out. Planting climbing vines is an easy way to still give your lawn some gorgeous landscaping, without worrying about the space.

Fill In Those Holes.

If you have spaces that need to be filled in especially around your patio area, ground covering plants are just the thing. Add the plants to the areas that need to be filled in, and viola! This will give your patio a quick makeover, and will save you money in patio repaving.

Do Your Research.

Everyone wants a garden with beautiful, colorful flowers.. but have you thought about smell? Some of the most beautiful flowers, may not necessarily smell the best. Make sure when you are ready to plant your flower beds, you are research the flowers that are not only the most beautiful, but the ones that accent each others well in smell as well. Some of the best smelling flowers are: Jasmine, Peonies, Gardenia, Lavender, Roses, and Lillie’s just to name a few. 

Don’t Worry About The Weeds.

Dandelions are a weed that many people worry about in their yards. But did you know that they actually have some amazing health benefits? Some of these benefits are: treating anemia, fighting cancer, aiding in weight loss, curing skin infections, improving bone health, keeping your urinary tract healthy, and many many more. See the different ways you can ingest dandelions here.

In Conclusion:

Here at Trademark, we love helping our clients, past or present, in anyway we can. We hope that this blog serves you well in your may landscaping. Check back in future season for more helpful tips.

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