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Welcome To Trademark Home Inspection

Welcome, my name is Matt Cottenham I am the owner of Trademark Home Inspection and the certified inspector that will be performing your inspection. When I inspect a home my only interest is you. As a father and a husband, I perform every inspection with my family in mind.

Aside from making sure everything is structurally sound and functioning correctly while performing a home inspection, I always ask myself, would I feel safe putting my family in this home? I look for environmental issues like mold, asbestos, and lead paint. I will also look for other safety issues such as loose handrails, trip hazards, and electrical hazards just to name a few.

Lastly I will make sure you are comfortable with the home and know how to operate the systems. I will never rush your inspection to get to the next, and though most home inspections take between three and four hours I will stay onsite with you not only long enough for me to feel comfortable with the inspection, but long enough to make sure you are comfortable with everything about your home.

Very knowledgeable. Matt was very efficient and professional. He delivered excellent customer service. He made the process very painless and we will definitely recommend him. Very honest.

-Ray Qureshi-Chishti
Matt was waiting for me at the property when I arrived. He was very professional and did an excellent job throughout the process. I though he did a great job of pointing out where all the issues were and explaining the possible severity of each one.

-Dave Swegles
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